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Wholesale Plastic Bags Manufacturer in Canada

Discover our extensive selection of custom plastic bags, proudly manufactured in Canada. We are your trusted partner for all your packaging supplies needs in Canada, ensuring your business is well-equipped.

Manufacturer and Global Distributor of Custom & Standard Sizes Plastic Bags in Canada

Located in Mississauga, Ideal Packaging Supplies caters to the packaging needs of retail, commercial, and industrial clients. As a leading plastic bag manufacturer and distributor, we provide both standard and custom sized plastic bags throughout Canada.

Why Choose Us?

Ideal packaging solutions for your high quality bulk bags requirement! Whether you need packaging bags, a creative clear bag for your retail store or garbage bags for your industrial workshop, we are prominent plastic bags distributors Canada, that manufacture bulk plastic bags in all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses at competitive price.

Our manufacturing unit allow us to print text or graphics on the bags as well to showcase your business or brand identity. In addition to our packaging bags, we also have a variety of packaging supplies Canada to keep your shipments safe and protected. Contact Ideal Packaging Supplies today for a free quote.

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Recent Blogs / News

Plastic bags are an essential component in modern packaging, providing versatile and reliable solutions for a variety of applications across retail, commercial, and industrial sectors. Manufacturers play a vital role in this industry by designing and producing high-quality plastic bags that meet specific needs and regulatory standards. 

Their expertise in material science, production technology, and customization options ensures that businesses receive durable, functional, and environmentally responsible packaging. By continually innovating and adhering to stringent quality controls, plastic bag manufacturers help streamline logistics, enhance product presentation, and contribute to the overall efficiency of supply chains worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Plastic Bags

We offer a wide variety of plastic bags, including shopping bags, T-shirt bags, merchandise bags, produce bags, garbage bags, mattress cover bags, coreless bags, and more!

We offer bags made from different types of plastic, such as HDPE, LDPE, and PP. We can help you choose the right material for your needs.

This varies depending on the type and size of plastic bag you need. Please contact us for specific details.

Yes, we often offer volume discounts for larger orders. Contact us for free cost-estimate.

Yes, we offer custom printing on a variety of bag types. Minimum order quantities and lead times may apply. Contact us for best pricing and details.

We may ship internationally. Please inquire about shipping costs and customs regulations for your location.

Most bags are simply thrown out Less than 1 percent are recycled. They are most often made from Polyethylene that takes centuries to degrade. Plastic bags should be recycled properly.

Production of PE based plastic –poly(ethylene) is processed in a factory to make plastic pellets. The pellets are poured into a reactor, melted into a thick liquid to cast into a mould. The liquid cools down to harden into a solid plastic and produce a finished product. Follow this link to view production.

The dimensions are approximately 12x6x22 inches (Width x Side Gusset x Length), or equivalently, 18×22 inches (Width x Length) when considering two dimensions. The shopping bags listed on this page are of the size commonly found in major grocery stores.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help via phone and email support!