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Pound Bags

Pound bags come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for any food products, including any baked goods or meat you might be selling. They come in gusseted form, in various sizes, and in different (mil) thicknesses.

What are Plastic Pound Bags?

“Pound bags” refer to plastic bags used for measuring or carrying a pound of a particular item. Manufacture from lightweight materials such as paper or plastic and are commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food service, and retail industry.


For example, a plastic pound bags can be used for packaging and selling bulk items like coffee beans, nuts, or grains. Ideal plastic pound bags can also be used for carrying items baked foods, produce or pet food, as they provide a convenient and easy way to transport a specific amount of a product.


Ideal Packaging, a pound bags manufacturer Canada offer different sizes and designs of plastic pound bags, depending on the the requirements of the product being packaged. They are often labeled with the weight and/or contents of the pound bag for easy identification and handling.

What are Gusseted Pound Bags?

A gusset is a term used in the packaging industry to describe a plastic or paper bag feature. A side or bottom gusset may be present in transparent poly bags. The gusset doubles as part of the bag when folded back on itself to increase carrying capacity. The clear poly bags are constructed of linear low-density polyethylene and do not have a foil lining, making them recyclable. They are composed of PE/PE/LLDPE with a matte varnish.


Gusseted pound bags are frequently used for packaging food and tools, crafts, gardening, and many other things. A plastic bag having a triangle-shaped pleat on both sides is known as a gusseted lay flat bag. Thanks to these gussets, the bag may spread out, providing additional space for bulky, large, or square objects.


Polyethylene bags are manufactured by using FDA and USDA-certified virgin low-density polyethylene. Gusseted pound bags are, therefore, perfect for packing food because they are naturally secure and sanitary.


We provide gusseted and plastic pound bags for sale that are robust and durable for your bulky tasks, feature side gussets, stand-up with or without a paper insert, and more. Gusset poly bags come in a huge variety, and each can provide you with low-cost, wholesale packaging for your company.


Get in touch with Ideal Packaging and supplies, a leading pound bags manufacturer Canada. Call us at 647-282-5197 if you need assistance with size, and ask about customized possibilities!