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Garbage bags

Available in
REGULAR STRENGTH Various colours and sizes
REGULAR STRENGTH Various colours and sizes
REGULAR STRENGTH Various colours and sizes
REGULAR, STRONG, X-STRONG Various colours and sizes
REGULAR, STRONG, X-STRONG Various colours and sizes
REGULAR, STRONG, X-STRONG Various colours and sizes
REGULAR, STRONG, X-STRONG Various colours and sizes
REGULAR, STRONG, X-STRONG Various colours and sizes

Are you tired of dealing with messy and smelly garbage? Look no further than Ideal Packaging, high-quality garbage bags suppliers and manufacturer in Canada. A perfect solution for all your waste management needs. Manufacture with the best quality materials and designed to withstand the toughest loads. All our garbage bin bags / trash bags offer reliable solutions for households, industrial, and institutions packaging across Canada.

High-quality Garbage Bags Manufacturer & Supplier Canada. Your Ultimate Solution for Effective Waste Management!


At Ideal Packaging & Supplies, we take pride in being one of the leading garbage bag manufacturers in Canada. Backed with years of experience, commitment to excellence, we have become pioneer of producing durable and environmentally friendly waste disposable bags. Our improved manufacturing facilities adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring that each bag meets the highest industry benchmarks.


Key Features and Benefits of Trash Bin Bags:

  • Superior Strength and Durability: Our plastic bags are engineered to withstand heavy loads without tearing or leaking. Manufacture from good quality plastic materials, it offers exceptional strength and durability.
  • Odor Control Technology: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors! Our garbage bags are designed with advanced odor control technology, effectively sealing in unpleasant smells and keeping your surroundings fresh and clean.
  • Versatile and Convenient: Available in a variety of sizes, our garbage bags cater to different waste disposal needs. Whether you need a small garbage bag for your kitchen or a large bag for commercial purposes, we have the perfect size to accommodate your requirements. Additionally, trash bin bags come with easy-to-use drawstring closures or convenient handles, ensuring hassle-free disposal.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We understand the importance of sustainable waste management. That’s why our trash bags are made from high-quality, recyclable materials.

Plastic Garbage / Trash Bin Bags Suppliers in Canada

As a leading manufacturer and plastic garbage bags suppliers in Canada, we also prioritize customer satisfaction. Ideal PKG, offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality material, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Committed to customer satisfactions service, we are always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Join countless satisfied customers who have made our waste bags their go-to choice for waste management. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use, our trash bags will exceed your expectations and simplify your waste disposal process.


Don’t settle for subpar waste management bags. Choose our durable trash bin bags today and experience the difference in quality, convenience, and durability. Contact Ideal Packaging and Supplies to place your order or inquire about our extensive range of garbage bags manufacturer Canada. The term describing single-use containers used to hold solid waste include bin bags, rubbish bags, bin liners, trash bags, and waste sacks. These plastic garbage bags are useful for lining waste containers so that waste doesn’t accumulate and cover the inside. Modern trash bags are often constructed of plastic and come in black, white, or green colors.


These colors are not merely intended to make rubbish pleasing to the eye. The colors often indicate the type of rubbish that should be placed there. The colors of the trash bags you see around have the following meanings:

  • Black: Used typically for non-biodegradable, non-infectious waste such as candy wrappers, Styrofoam, and plastic cans.
  • Green: This color is used to represent biodegradable elements like leftovers, peels from vegetables and fruits, leaves, twigs, etc.
  • Red: The red color are frequently used in hospitals for bio hazardous trash, such as test tubes, syringes containing blood, and other human/medical waste.
  • Blue: This color is frequently used for industrial items like glass and strong polymers.
  • Clear: This type of container is typically used to store recyclable materials like cans, bottles, papers, etc.

Why Plastic Trash Bags?


Garbage bags are a popular, and hygienic method of trash disposal. Plastic trash bags are very light and especially helpful for sloppy or wet waste, which is frequently the case with food waste. Trash bags are also helpful for wrapping up waste to reduce odor. Litter or rubbish receptacles or bins are frequently lined with bin liners. Preventing container contact with the trash maintains the container hygienically. After the litter is placed into the bag, it can be removed by its edges, sealed, and fastened with little contact with the trash. Get in touch with plastic garbage bags suppliers for your industrial garbage bags needs


The biodegradable bags are divided into two varieties, high density and low density, depending on the density of the polyethylene material used to make the bags. You’ll comprehend it better if you consider the points listed below for biodegradable trash bags.


Trash can liners of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) are produced using high-quality resins. These bags are sturdy and can withstand tearing and puncturing with ease. These bags are employed as contractor bags and are suitable for construction rubbish.


High molecular density resins are processed under low pressure to create high density polyethylene (HDPE) can liners. These bags are less expensive since they use less plastic than their low density equivalents.