Custom Poly Bags for Amazon FBA Sellers

poly bags for Amazon FBA sellers

Made of polyethene, a flexible and durable kind of plastic, poly bags for Amazon FBA sellers are adaptable packing materials. They are frequently used for shipping and product protection during transportation in a variety of businesses, including e-commerce. Amazon mandates that a warning be printed on the bag or placed on a sticker fastened to the bag for any clear bag with an opening (before it is sealed) more than five inches. Purchasing clear bags and applying warning signs can help you save a little money on each item, but in my experience, the effort is not worth it, and the bags are typically of inferior quality.

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What Materials Go into Poly Bags for Amazon FBA Sellers?

When it comes to what are poly bags made of, Polyethylene, a lightweight, waterproof plastic, is the main ingredient of custom poly bags. This material was selected because it offers a barrier against moisture and dust and can tolerate a certain amount of wear and tear during shipping.

Why do Amazon FBA Sellers Need Poly Bags?

There is a mandate by Amazon and all sellers need to be aware of why Amazon FBA sellers need poly bags. Certain products on Amazon must come in plastic bags. When you’re preparing your shipping strategy, Amazon will notify you if your ASINs need any preparation (like poly bagging). You can prepare as you go by listing each item in the Inventory Lab and seeing the prep requirements as you go.

According to Amazon, poly bagging can be necessary in the following situations:

  • Stop spills or leaks from harming other cargo items.
  • Shield objects from dirt or dust.
  • Stop loose goods from becoming separated (e.g., by using a multipack or bundle).
  • Apart from this broad advice, Amazon offers dedicated prep categories such as clothing and textiles, small goods, and baby things.

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Poly Bags for Amazon FBA Sellers Requirements

Amazon has specifications for the poly bags themselves. You may be assessed a prep fee by Amazon to have your things re-bagged if your poly bags don’t match these specifications. Poly bags must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A warning, either printed on the bag or attached as a label, is required for poly bags having an aperture of five inches or more (measured flat).
  • Sample wording for a label: “Caution: Keep this plastic bag away from young children and babies to reduce the risk of asphyxia.
  • This bag should not be used in playpens, cribs, beds, or carriages. It is not a toy, this bag.
  • The warning should be in a readable font size, printed, or displayed prominently.
  • The minimum thickness of the bag must be 1.5 mm.
  • Poly bags need to be clear and transparent.
  • The poly bag needs to have an external label on the outside of the bag OR a barcode or FNSKU (Amazon seller label) that can be scanned through the bag.
  • Poly bags need to be tightly sealed.
  • The poly bag’s maximum length beyond the product’s dimensions is 3 inches.

Custom Poly Bags

Ideal custom poly bags are a popular choice among sellers for branding purposes. These can be customized with slogans, logos, or product details to increase the professionalism and visibility of the business.

Where to Buy Poly Bags for Shipping

Locating high-quality poly bags for Amazon FBA sellers for shipment is essential. Packaging suppliers have them easily accessible, both online and off. Selecting poly bags that adhere to Amazon’s packing specifications is crucial to preventing problems with delivery.


Poly bags are a must-have for Amazon FBA sellers because of their cost-effectiveness, compliance with packaging rules, and protective properties. Whether you’re delivering electronics, apparel, or other items, using high-quality poly bags will guarantee that your goods arrive packaged neatly and safely, pleasing customers.

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