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Even though moving is a hectic time, it’s crucial to take the necessary precautions to protect your mattress. Not taking any precautions, could end up ruining expensive mattress during the move. From here, we’ll talk about how to safeguard a mattress throughout a transfer and offer some helpful advice to ensure that it always remains in good shape. Mattress bags for moving are one of the safest choices to consider.

You are aware of the proper way to wrap dishes in newspapers to avoid cracks. You are aware of the need of labeling your boxes to avoid confusion. Sharpies, packing tape, and cardboard boxes are all over your home. However, do you know about furniture and mattress bags for moving and storage? Let’s look at how you can achieve that.

What are Furniture and Mattress Bags for Moving?

Mattress and furniture bags are large, protective cover bags used for storing and transporting mattresses and furniture items. These bags are typically made of durable, heavy-duty plastic material that provides a barrier against dust, dirt, moisture, and other potential damage while moving or storage.

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How to Protect Your Mattress Safe When Moving?

Ask yourself if you even need to move your mattress. If the mattress is aged, towards the end of its useful life, you could decide it’s not worth the trouble to move such a big, heavy object. Instead, you might choose to donate or decluttering the mattress and then buy a new one that can be shipped right to your new house.

If you do decide to travel with your mattress, do these actions:

Invest in a High-quality Mattress Bag

You must first purchase a protective bag for your mattress. What are mattress bags? Designed to shield a mattress from the outdoors, filth, dust, dampness, injury, and debris, a mattress bag is a sturdy plastic bag. To accommodate any queen size mattress, they are available in a range of sizes and shapes. Box springs and mattresses can be stored in mattress bags, which are made of plastic with a thickness range of 1 mil to nearly 5 mil.

Where to buy plastic mattress bags for moving?

A mattress bag can be bought online Ideal Packaging & Supplies, custom plastic bag manufacturer in Canada. While it can also available at other home improvement retailers like Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s. You buy wholesale plastic mattress bags from us. Make sure to select the appropriate size. This is usually all you need to do to safeguard your mattress.

Place the Mattress in the Bag

The mattress protector and sheets should be taken off and packed separately. Make sure to identify the box so that you can quickly locate the linens once you get to your new residence. Pull the mattress bags for moving over the mattress and tape it shut after folding the extra material over the side.

Create a crisscross design by wrapping tape over the top, middle, and bottom in both directions. Although it might seem unnecessary, doing this will ensure that the plastic stays put when you move. If you have a box spring, follow the same procedure.

Pack your sheets at the last

Make sure the packers and movers are aware to arrange your sheets on top of your mattress if you are utilizing furniture and mattress moving covers. This will save them from becoming squished between other goods in the van or vehicle and will also help prevent any accidents from happening during the hectic moving procedure.

Remember to use caution when replacing your linens on the mattress after unpacking all those boxes. It is recommended to spread out a sheet protector, then position all of the fitted or flat sheets there before draping a cover over them. This will guarantee that each sheet is kept sharp and clean for usage by all users.

Don’t place the mattress on the roof of your car

Although you could occasionally see people moving mattresses in this manner, it’s generally not advised because it poses a safety risk. If the mattress isn’t correctly fastened, it could fly off and collide with something. Additionally, it renders the mattress more vulnerable to harm.

Not to mention that motorists can be distracted if they are worried about the mattress flying off while they are driving. We advise you to utilize a truck, van, SUV, or a moving firm that uses furniture & mattress moving covers.


Moving might be a difficult undertaking, but it’s crucial to remember the most fundamental requirements. If you don’t want your mattresses to get too dirty or damaged during the transfer, you must protect them. With any luck, these suggestions will ensure that they endure whatever occurs for many years to come.a


A mattress bag is used to protect a mattress from dust, dirt, moisture, and other damage during moving or storage. It is also used to make a mattress easier to move, as it can be rolled up or folded and then secured with straps.

To wrap a mattress when moving, you will need a mattress bag that is the correct size for your mattress. You can then follow these steps:

  • Lay the mattress bag flat on the ground.
  • Keep the mattress on top of the bag, the long edges of the mattress should aligned with the mattress bag.
  • Fold the short ends of the bag over the mattress and secure them with tape.
  • Roll the mattress up tightly, starting from the bottom.
  • Secure the rolled mattress with straps.

Yes, it is OK to roll a mattress, as long as it is not too thick or too heavy. If you are rolling a thick or heavy mattress, you may want to use a mattress bag with a zipper or a vacuum sealer bag to help keep the mattress from unrolling.

No, mattress bags should not have holes. The holes would allow dust, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants to enter the bag and damage the mattress.

Yes, you can store a mattress in a plastic bag. However, it is important to make sure that the bag is breathable, so that the mattress can still breathe and prevent mold and mildew from forming. You can also use a mattress bag with a zipper or a vacuum sealer bag to help keep the mattress from getting dirty or damaged.

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