Common Uses of Wicketed Bags

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Wicketed bags are a very popular item to use in many industries. They consist of different materials, including paper and plastic. Wicket bags or wicketed bags are used for many purposes and have many common uses.

What are wicketed bags?

The wicketed bags are plastic bags commonly used for packaging food, industrial applications, and other purposes. You can find them at most grocery stores and retail outlets, but they are also available online.

Wicketed bags are made from polyethylene film that has been stretched over a wicker frame. This process gives them their unique appearance and allows them to hold liquids without leaking or dripping out the sides of the container if full.

Common Uses of Wicketed Bags

Wicketed bags are used in many applications, including food and beverage packages, pharmaceutical products, etc. Depending on the type of wicketed bag you’re using, it could have several different uses.

For example, if you’re using a wicketed bag with a zipper sealer, there are many ways to use them! Some common examples include:

  • Packaging food items such as chips or cookies – zip lock closure keeps contents fresh until ready for consumption.
  • Storing clothes when traveling – keeps clothing from wrinkling during travel time and keeps dirty clothes away from clean ones.

Food Packaging

Wicket bags are an excellent choice for food packaging. They consist of a strong, waterproof fabric that keeps your products safe from moisture and is biodegradable. You can use them to pack various foods, including fruit and vegetables, meat products, rice, or pasta; the options are endless! Because these bags are made from recycled material, they are also good for the environment.

Industrial Bags

Wicketed bags are crucial in the manufacturing, agriculture, and construction industries. Wicketed bags make the automated filling and sealing process easy and quick. This makes the production processes smoother. Whether you want to transfer huge amounts of materials or safeguard products while in transit, wicketed bags are the most trustworthy and user-friendly choice.

Marketing Campaign

Wicketed poly bags are an excellent way to promote your business or product. They can be used for various marketing campaigns, from handing out festival samples to displaying products in stores or selling them online. You can also convey your message through wicketed bags and get people to discuss your offers.

Opt for wholesale Wicketed poly bags in Canada tailored in your specific colors and styles that match the image you want for your brand identity.

Shipping Clothing and Soft Goods

Wicketed bags are a great choice for shipping clothing and other items that require careful handling. These lightweight packaging tools add little weight to your package. However, there’s no need to worry about wrinkles or creases. The bags’ material will keep your items looking new even after being shipped across town or around the world.

Wicketed bags are versatile and can be used in many different applications

Wicketed bags are great for packaging, industrial, and laundry bags. They can be used for various packaging items. For example, a wicketed bags manufacturer uses the product to make industrial trash cans in restaurants or hospitals; these bins are lined with a waterproof lining so that liquids don’t leak out onto the floor when they’re full.


Wicketed poly bags are very versatile and can be used for various purposes. You can use them as storage containers, gift bags, and promotional items. The material is thick enough to protect whatever you put inside from being damaged by moisture or rough handling while still being light enough that they don’t add too much weight to whatever they’re carrying around.

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